A close up view of miniature landmark prints called State IconsA close up view of miniature landmark prints called State Icons

Our story

We help you hold your memories close.

Why do we make State Icons?

Everyone has a story. Why not tell it visually? Maybe you’re madly in love with the town you grew up in. Or you got engaged at a kooky location. Perhaps you’ve lived in 26 different states. Whatever makes you unique, show it off with our clean, unmistakable State Icon illustrations of U.S. landmarks.

Displayed in your home or office, these high-quality, mini framed prints of iconic buildings, signs, and statues will remind you of the places that are special to you. 

christy johnson, founder and CEO of united goods
Where it began

Our founder and CEO, Christy Johnson, started working as a freelance graphic designer and artist in 2003 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A life-long creative, she's loved to draw since she was a kid.

Over time Christy developed a unique style of illustrating, and began creating mini graphic prints that celebrated local landmarks. As she added to her collection they grew in popularity, and so did her biz.

How we do it

Christy draws her State Icons with a mouse (you read that correctly) on her computer, and prints them in her studio with archival-grade paper and inks. She pops the high-quality giclées into wood frames that her parents make by hand.

From the beginning, we've felt strongly about using only U.S.-made materials, so every component is produced in America, unless noted on our product pages.

spirit of detroit state icon print by united goods on a shelf
Why we're still at it

State Icons are memories in a frame. They highlight national landmarks that are historic, quirky, and everything in between. Whether recognized worldwide or known only by locals, we understand the attachments you have to 'em.

When you set misty eyes on a print, or share the hilarious connection you have to one, we're motivated to keep doin' what we do. (Truly—we're a bunch of softies.)