We want you to hold on to your memories.

Everyone has a story. It’s what makes you you. Why not tell it visually? Maybe you’re madly in love with the town you grew up in. Maybe you got engaged at a kooky location. Maybe you’ve lived in 26 different states. Whatever makes you unique, show it off with our simple, to-the-point State Icon illustrations of U.S. landmarks. When you see the mini framed prints in your home or office, you’ll be reminded how special these places are, and how they shaped you.

We’re touched by your stories.

Our founder and CEO, Christy Johnson, began working as a freelance graphic designer and artist in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2003. Over time, she became passionate about creating her State Icons—mini digital illustrations of U.S. landmarks—after seeing people's reactions when they set (often misty) eyes on a particular drawing that meant something to them. Hearing these anecdotes propelled Christy to illustrate more and more, and it's what will keep driving her toward her goal of representing all 50 states.

From the beginning, it's been important to Christy to use materials that are made in the U.S., so everything is unless noted on the product pages. And she somehow even convinced her dad Jeff to hand-make the frames that surround her State Icon prints. (Here's Christy on a good hair day, and Jeff, toolin’ around in his shop (a.k.a. his garage)).

United Goods founder Christy Johnson and her dad Jeff who makes her frames


What do you wanna see in a wee handmade frame? Tell us your idea for the next State Icon illustration.