Press release: United Goods Celebrates 20 Years of Creating Meaningful Art


Press Contact:

Christy Johnson
Founder and CEO of United Goods

United Goods Celebrates 20 Years of Creating Meaningful Art

Minneapolis, MN — Christy Johnson, the founder and CEO of United Goods, is thrilled to announce she’s throwing a party to celebrate her brand reaching its 20th year.

Since becoming part of Minnesota’s creative community in October 2003 under the name redshoes26 design (it was changed to United Goods in 2015), Christy has captivated people with her unique mini landmark prints she calls State Icons. Over the past 20 years, her body of work has evolved to include illustrations from 43 states, expanded to more than 500 options, and left a mark on many people’s hearts.

"I’m humbled and actually astonished I've reached this milestone as an artist," Christy said. "I’ve been drawing since I was a really little kid, and it feels incredible that I was able to turn it into a career that’s endured for this long. This 20th Birthday Bash is a way to celebrate the accomplishments and growth I’ve experienced the past two decades, and to honor the fans and supporters who’ve both helped me and cheered me on for all these years."

United Goods’ 20th Birthday Bash, slated for Friday, Sept. 29, will take place from 6–8 p.m. (doors open to press and friends and family at 5 p.m.) at The Mustache Cat in St. Paul. The event will feature a large selection of the brand’s State Icon prints, and Christy hopes to have a few exclusive items available as well. Attendees will have the opportunity to chat with the artist, shop, and enjoy some treats and beverages. For those who can’t make it in person on Sept. 29, the party will continue with a virtual event the following week (details to come).

"I’m excited to share this moment with everyone who’s been on this ride with me," Christy said. "This party is a way to say thank you and recognize 20 years of hard work. It’s not easy for small businesses to endure for this long, so I think it’s important to applaud it."


For more information about United Goods’ 20th Birthday Bash and to get updates about the event, visit or contact United Goods at

About Christy Johnson of United Goods: Christy Johnson is an artist who entered the Minneapolis creative scene in 2003. With an unwavering passion for small businesses and a distinctive illustration style, she’s carved a unique space in her market. As her brand United Good marks 20 years of entrepreneurship, Christy looks forward to impacting even more hearts with her small-but-mighty State Icon prints.

Press Contact:

Christy Johnson
Founder and CEO of United Goods


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