Facts & figures about United Goods

By Christy Johnson, founder & CEO of United Goods

I always think it's fun to learn some of the quirkier things about what makes a business tick, run, and thrive. If you'd enjoy finding out a few fun facts about United Goods, you're in luck! I put together a rundown of some random quantities and figures you might be curious about. 


The number (as of April 25, 2022) of mini black-painted wood frames my parents Jeff and Kathy have hand-made for my State Icon prints since my business launched.


The year I officially began my business (first called redshoes26).  


The number of different State Icon illustrations I have in my collection (as of April 25, 2022).

Shoe boxes

The way my parents and I transport the small frames. Frames are wrapped and packed in shoe boxes and delivered, and when the boxes are empty, I return them, along with the wrappers, so it all can be reused.


Most batches of frames are made in small quantities of 25, but sometimes a shoe box is large enough to fit more. And yes, oftentimes an order of frames consists of several filled-to-the-brim shoe boxes!

A small notepad

I love hearing from you about what you think I should draw. At art shows, I scribble down your ideas in my little black notepad, and if you email me some thoughts, it all goes there, too (it's gotten very, very full over the past 18 years)! I feel great satisfaction when crossing off a suggestion once I finish illustrating it.

June 1

The date I plan to debut Season Two of my TV Show Prints. Do you have a favorite series you'd like me to consider capturing? If so, send me a note!

A mouse & computer

The way I draw State Icons. Yes, I've tried using a stylus and a flat-computer-drawing-pad thingy (can you tell I'm not techy?) but that lasted about two hours before this old-school artist went back to my trusty mouse.


The computer software I use for my illustrations.

It varies

The amount of time it takes to draw one State Icon. It can be anywhere from three hours to several days, depending on how detailed the landmark is that I'm illustrating. And I'm putting a lifetime of experience into each piece!


Want more? Learn why we started making State Icons in the first place.

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